Heaven's Garden Children's Place

  • Digital pictures of children emailed frequently to parents, grandparents, and other family members or your choice.
  • Daily sheets emailed to parents about enrichment activities, meals, naptimes, and more. Parents may choose to have these in paper form.
  • Newsletters (monthly) detailing curriculum, themes, and special days & recipes.
  • Color Me Healthy Newsletter (monthly) featuring suggestions for good nutrition ideas for parents.
  • Ongoing Observations of each child are shared with parents to celebrate the child’s accomplishments as well as form a partnership with families so children can be supported consistently both at home and at Child Care. 
  •  Parent Involvement - activity suggestions for Parents to extend the activites at home.
  • An open door policy that allows parents to visit their child and volunteer their time.
  • Private area for mom's who wish to breastfeed their babies. 
  • Family Appreciation Night - Parent's are given an extended pick up time, (usually 2 hours) in December.
  • Parent's will receive 2 extra hours childcare on their Wedding Anniversary (No charge)
  • A Policy Handbook 
  • End of the Year Tax statement. Every Parent will receive a W-10 so that they can deduct Child Care expenses on their income tax return.


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