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Apples, Counting & the letter A

Posted on September 21, 2013 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (4)

Blogging takes a lot of time but I am going to give it another *GO* :roll:

September always is a good time to begin anew... Our Bible Story time took us back to the beginning... We began with Genesis and the story of creation...

This week: September 16-20

Our Bible Story time was about Adam & Eve. We talked about how God’s love for us & how Jesus took the consequences for our sins and Adam & Eve’s. Our Scripture memory verse – "While we were still sinners Christ died for us" ~ Romans 5:5-9

Apples were a big hit around here, so we continued using apples for our play & learning activities.

We are using the book 10 Apples on top by Dr. Seuss and singing songs which include rote counting. Rote counting is the simplest number concept that children develop, it merely consists of counting numbers sequentially. Counting by rote is a skill that comes quite naturally to most children, as it doesn't require direct instruction to learn the skills needed to count. It usually begins developing before children recognize numerals, but once children are exposed to more number experiences here and at home, the two skills develop together.

The children were having some Math fun with one-to-one correspondence; using real apples & *pretend* as well as items appearing as apples such as colored pom-poms, counting out napkins and utensils at meals & snack time and throughout the day as they played in other areas. The other day before quiet time - the group was in the book area. I could hear one of them yell out: and the number is _____ at which point, the rest all shouted the number. As the GIC (grownup in charge) ;-) I was tempted to say it is book time you need to be quiet… However, there was value in what they were doing. It was fun & they were learning from each other – so what’s the harm in that?

I needed to switch up our cooking experience this Friday. Two children were leaving early so our plans were placed on hold. It wouldn’t be fair not be able to enjoy it for snack with the rest of us. ;-)



Dr. Seuss, The Letter S & Opposites

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March is a busy month this year. We have Dr. Seuss week, St.Patrick's Day and Easter all crammed into this month. :roll:

This month’s music Class is “Under the Rainbow” During class we’ll explore the concept of high and low sounds with Irish music, tricky leprechauns, and the colors of the rainbow. We’ll also match sounds with pictures, and match pictures with the written words to build lasting literacy skills.

 During Dr. Seuss week - this past week our focus was the Letter S – how we can make an S with Play-dough and it looks like a Snake and the sound that it makes. Some words that we had fun with were*Sizzle* *Splat*

Our color focus:  red & blue and when you mix them together (Science) we make purple.

We practiced directional skills as we learn about opposites, searched High and low and on top of and under the furniture.  With the help of Hap Palmer we worked on more opposites. (In & out - front & back)

Your children will bring home learning in their heads rather than on paper.  

At home you can encourage these skills by playing color red & blue & letter S hunting games.  Place some toys or household items up high and down low. In a box, basket,   under a table/chair. Ask them to tell you where it is? Encouage them to say *I* found it under the chair. In  front of or behind the couch.

What we did in January

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The children were busy learning about Winter & weather..They are learning about how the weather changes. We talk about the weather every day during our morning meeting. We chart the weather on a weather graphand they can see how often the weather is the “same” or “different”. They also learning that weather can change from the morning to the afternoon.  After we look out our “Weather Window” we then talk about what kind of clothing we should wear when going outside and how it is different to what we need inside. We put on appropriate clothing on our "Weather boy”  This activity encourages language development as well as an early learning of Math & Science concepts. A lot of our activities involved talking about or playing with snow. The children observed how snow melts and changes to water. They also observed what happens when salt is added to snow and ice.

The focus was on the letter W & S and the *color* White.

Our Literacy activities were focused onWinter and the weather as well.  Some of the books that we enjoy are:Snowy Day, Frozen Noses, Snow Bears, Snow Globe Family, Animals in Winter,Polar Bear, Polar Bear, what do you see?

The children used Pretend snowballs indoors when the temperature was too cold to play outside. They also enjoyed using paper plates to skate indoors. ;)

They enjoyed making "Snow Dough" & glittery play dough & Snow discovery bottles.


Flag Day & Recent Photos

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Today we talked about the American Flag. We counted the stripes and listened to a story about the Flag. We watched a short video of the Song "Proud to be an American" in ASL ...

We created a Flag Art Project. These activities help develop focused listening and fine motor skills.


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by macs706

June 8th

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Today's Menu:

Breakfast - Pancakes, Milk, Yogurt, Strawberries

Snack - Apple, Graham cracker

Lunch - Chicken, Broccoli, Mulitgrain Bagel, Pineapple, Milk

Snack - Cracker, cream cheese


Today the children used tangram pieces to create train shapes with them. They played outdoors with pink sand. We used water to wet some of the sand feeling the difference in texture.

We continued our discussion about finding strength in Jesus.

Today is National Best Friend Day. We discussed what a friend is. We talked about having Jesus as our Best Friend. :)

Monday June 7th

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Our bible lesson is on Strength in Christ. The Children will learn how we must call on God for the ability to overcome some of life's biggest obstacles, and how God will equip us when we follow his plan.


The preschool theme of this lesson is Trains!


Today we looked at different pictures of Trains. Then we had a nice discussion about trains. The different types of trains. If they ever rode a train.  Which ones they like best. We pretended to take a train ride.


Our Bible Verse is Philippians 4:13

~ "I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength."


 I asked the children whether they've ever felt like they were not strong enough, or big

enough, to do something hard. I explained that sometimes, we have to wait until we're bigger to do some things, like drive a car or mow the lawn. But for those things that we need to do, and are afraid we can't do, like play an instrument in a recital, or learn how to ride a bike, Jesus will help us be strong enough, and brave enough to do them!


While out walking we were on our way to see a railroad Crossing Sign.* L*____ had a good idea where we could find one ;-) We talked about the letter X before we left and while out walking through our neighborhood we looked for all of the *X's* we could find. We even got to talk to one of our Community Helper's A Telephone/Internet Technician! We found an x on his van that he had a little hard time finding! *E* told him it is right between the E and the P :)


Our Story today was The Little Engine that Could by Watty Piper.

Our word wall words are mix, six, fox, box, x-ray, boxcar, exit, excited, relax


During music we sang Jesus Loves Me and we did a circle dance to She'll be Coming round the mountain & Little Red Caboose.


Today's Preschool Menu:

Breakfast -Banana, Cheerios, Milk

AM Snack - Applesauce, Pretzels

Lunch - Turkey Pinwheels, Grape tomatoes, Potato Salad, Milk

PM Snack - Multigrain Crisps, milk


Infant menu

B - rice cereal, banana berry, formula

L- Beef & gravy, spaghetti, mixed fruit, formula

S- formula 

Friday 4-23-2010

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Today Menu

Breakfast - waffles, strawberries, milk

Lunch -  Meat Sauce, Cauliflower, Strawberries, Whole grain pasta, Milk

Snack - Ants on a log, Milk


Today's Actvities & Notes

Our group activity was helping God's Birds.

In keeping with taking care of our earth that God has made - we helped to build a Bird's Nest!:wink:

Using a coat hangers and some scrap pieces of yarn, ribbon, cloth, to set up out in the yard. This is  our little attempt of helping the birds gather some nesting material. The children get to contribute to the beauty of spring while learning about birds and practicing fine motor skills.

This activity introduces children to the scientific method by encouraging them to make a hypothesis, do the research, make observations and compare the concluding results with their original hypothesis.

In a few weeks we will take a walk around the neighborhood in search to see if any of the materials can be seen in the nests in the trees nearby.



Individual activities included playing at the sand table with plastic plants and animals. Making a creative recycled project, such as a recycle helper hat, and designer binoculars. :D 


The enjoyed the beautiful weather & their free time in the backyard  today.  

Today's Pictures


I am sharing some photos of the completed projects.


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Thursday 4-22-2010 EARTH DAY

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Today's Menu

Breakfast - Cheerios, banana, milk

Lunch - Turkey, green beans, oranges, brown rice

Snack - Cinnamon toast, milk


Today's Activities & Notes

Today we made the planet Earth using different mediums that were developmentally appropriate.

Some children used scissors, some cut the paper by tearing, and for a different "earth" we used coffee filters and used liquid water color spray. They came out really nice!

 They will be displayed in the Art Station.


Our lesson today was "God Made the World" (Genesis 1:1 - 2:2)

We learned a new song - with the same title of the lesson, set to the tune of "Are you Sleeping". You may hear your childing humming that tune the next few days. :)


Today We Read

Children's Bible-Book of Genesis Chapter 1


Today's Pictures


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Wednesday 4-21-2010

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Today's Menu

Breakfast- Pancakes, blueberries, milk

Lunch - Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Strawberries, Couscous, Milk

Snack - Yogurt, Oranges


Activities & Notes

Our discussion of Earth Day continues. All through out the day, we discussed how to reduce, reuse, or recycle.

Reminders about turning off the water, when brushing our teeth, turning out the lights, when we leave the room or go outside. re-purposing rinsed out containers for art or science projects just to name a few.


Tuesday 4/20/2010

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Today we went on a "Litter Hunt" sadly we did discover a LOT of litter in our neighborhood. We talked about ways to prevent litter. We also picked up a few treasures from nature for our Science Station.

Today's breakfast was whole wheat bagels with peanut butter and an apple.

Lunch was Tuna Salad on Whole Wheat Potato Bread, Raw Cauliflower, grapes, milk

For Snack we had whole wheat pita bread with cucumbers & baby spinach.

Follow this link/thumbnail to our most recent photos

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